Foreign Missions

Echad Temple Oneness Church (Pakistan) is one of our branches including in our foreign missions. This ministry is under the direction of Pastor Javid who have been actively bringing the Gospel to all the villages, communities, group, orphaned and other non-believing individuals.

Over the past two years Persecution of Christians in Pakistan has reached historic levels. Multiple groups of Christians are blocked from internet privileges and are harass by radical Islamic groups; Christians are targets for murder, bombings, abduction of women, rape, forced marriages and eviction from home and country. Unjust and arbitrary blasphemy laws are used to punish Christians and prevent evangelism.

After hearing the cry of the people, we had no other alternatives than standing in the gap for these our people and help in ministering to the needs where possible; these people needs our prayer and support as we know our God is a deliver and he can do abundantly more than we can every imagine.