August 29, 2016December 26, 2017
Building His Vision


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15% $253000 to go

The God of heaven Himself will help us succeed; therefore, we will arise and build!  We will trust His Word and believe in the Sovereign Lord who always keeps His promises.  Nehemiah 2:20 During King David’s reign, the tabernacle (the movable tent) that Moses had made was erected at the high place in Gibeon. This tabernacle represented the presence of God among the people.

We have been renting a local church for our worship services. God has spoken to me about the launching of a tabernacle where His people can worship and praise his holy name, addressing community problems such as drugs, abuse, alcoholism, hungry, homelessness and a safe place for children, men and women seeking for recovery. The Echad Temple Oneness Ministries is on the verge of acquiring a Church Building in Marietta GA.

We are seeking your partnership in prayer, volunteering and financial contribution in the acquisition of this building for tabernacle of worship. Its our vision to used this building to the glory of God where people can experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirt; teaching men and women that they don’t need to be enslaved by the power of the devil. There is hope and deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Currently we are using GoFundMe for effectively managing the fundraising process: