Echad Biblical Studies

Bible School is a structured and principle way of learning and studying theology. However, I do believe theology should be studied much different from how it’s been generally taught, from just a bible base material .

Its interesting to note that because theology is the study about God, then there should be this predisposition and though that God is everything that can be learnt before there was known the greatest psychologist God was the first psychologist before the invention of modern medicine; he made the blind to see by simple using his saliva on clay and command the blind to go wash and immediately the man’s sight was reclaim

As a result of this I would implore all students who are going to enroll in our program to please approach the study of God with directness and in simplicity and not dogmatically and be prepared to learn all that there are to be learnt knowledge is never too much but where knowledge is scarce breads stupidity and ignorance and where there is ignorance much confusion is expected.

Inasmuch as many of our speakers in Christendom presents the word of God in a confused manner and have given the attitude that theology is a bad thing because of their lack of understand seeks to place the blame on seminary but its my desire to educate everyone through my historical bible knowledge which I have obtained through countless studies day and night in different libraries and schools.

There are however a number of principle involve in preparing of one self for theological studies regardless of where you are going to complete these studies.

  • Strategy
  • Creativity
  • Goals


Whoever speaks of strategy recognizes that only those of the highest rank who are fully informed of all the facts are qualified to direct the battle. Strategy refers to the “general” of an army, <strategos in Greek.>

Strategy should be one’s plan of action, the method, the “how” behind any goal you want to achieve.

Why strategically thinking is conducive, in the church world everyone conceive this ideology that just to believe on Jesus Christ qualifies you to become a theologian and to the greater point desire to become pastors and leaders.

One is thinking strategically right now just by being in school. You made a decision that the requirements of attending college are a legitimate price to pay for the skills, contacts and opportunities that will help you in the future.You don’t have to compete against someone else in order to be strategic.

The concept of completing theological studies strategically is to be rounded and diplomatic in your teaching, preaching and your general clergy duties and to be a manager of organization instead of just being a speaker. Its time for the people of God to recognize that the things of God should be handle professionally and in principle.