Lady Luciana S Coombs is the loving and devoted wife of Pastor St. Hylton R. J Coombs Sr. Senior Pastor of Echad Temple Oneness Pentecostal Church. Her role and responsibilities is far-reaching which encompass home, family, church and ministry; she supports the Pastor mentally and physically, shoulders his pressures, feel his disappointments, and suffer his defeats—often as profoundly and as deeply as he does. She will be thrust into the role of chief analyst of both his sermons and his administrative innovations. She may well be called upon to catch grammatical errors and to sniff out inconsistencies in his letters to the church, to befriend that woman in the assembly others prefer to avoid and to brainstorm solutions to problems no one else can solve.

She faithfully supports women’s initiatives to empower mind, body and spiritual development; and leads outreach programs to serve our communities in Atlanta Georgia. Mission is another one of her obligation, in that she believes people should be giving an opportunity to maintain quality life irrespective of ethnicity, background and race. As a result of thus she reach out to foundation that provide assistance to the poor to setup workable food bank to insure that no families reachable are sent to bed hungry within our community. She extends her love and devotion to the church and the work of God ensuring that the campus is maintain and that all visitors to Echad Church is provided with welcome pamphlets, and refreshments and devotedly pray for the community, the church and that all families will be blessed.

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