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The opportunity to interface with other ministries, societies and people has played an important role in the success of the Echad Pentecostal Movement. We have heard the cry of the indigent and understand the pain of the community; as a result of thus we have stand for prayer, against all odds and stand to influence changes in the way we administer to people’s problem. Our Network is center to improve communication between all areas of ministry physically and spiritually; as followers of Jesus Christ we need to follow his examples of being a true friend. His love for us is sacrificial, never selfish. He demonstrated if not only through his miracles of healing, but more fully through the humble service of washing the disciples’ feet, and ultimately, when he laid down his life on the cross.

The role of the General Secretary is very important to this organization. It would be virtually impossible for a pastor to keep up with all his planning without the assistance of other personnel; secondly there are other members of the church leadership that needs to be serve; resulted from thus, our secretary shall exercise delegated powers, operating under the wisdom of the Lord and serve faithfully as the responsibility assumed. The general secretary is also charged with record keeping business meetings, serve on the board of the church and set to answer all questions on behalf of this organization Echad Temple Oneness Church and to assist other ministries that needs management and directions by encouraging them into the trust and will of God. Above all we do hope and trust that you will find answers to your questions as you connect to the various links on this site.