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Consistent Prayer

Prayer is a discipline, much like fasting, meditation, and confession. It largely important for people to know how to pray; prayer should be direct, consistent and habitual where it becomes part of your lifestyle. The benefits of the consistencies of purpose in prayer is that some request requires talking to God over and over  again which build up our faith in the process and show us route of escape while waiting.


Corporate prayer is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to God on behalf of other people. In reality, we are confronted with encounters that are sometimes unbearable and has nothing to do with one’s background, ethnicity, status in life; whether one is a Pastor or non-religious, trails are real. As a result of thus intercession prayer helps to unite people’s hearts, minds and soul together touching God with great expectations.

Prayer for Deliverance

The occurrence of evil spirit is real in our present times and not just a historical event. Evil spirit operates in a covert manner and attaches itself to various objects; people, animal, things, sickness, wealth, oppression and many different situations. Hence, one has to renounce evil spirits by taking authority over one’s environment in its entirety; pleading the shed-blood of Jesus Christ and covering one’s life with prayer, fasting and supplication.


Genesis 6:3. “ And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh” Stemming from this fact it is possible that people will become spiritual weary at times and it’s at this point Satan normally squeeze himself in with one test or the other, so prayers have to be utter to God against every form of immorality and unrighteousness that will draw us closer to our place in God. Pray on for inside fire!


Adoptions to growth is a natural yearning for humanity. The writer in Ecclesiastes 3:1 pointed out that there are different “seasons” in life. Although one can achieve impeccable seasons, others can receive the opposite; resulted from such approximation; prayer can create the advancement and provide divine purpose that when increase comes one will be able to appreciate it. Let us remember God is the architect behind our achievements!

Prayer of Repentance

People can become so harden in sinful proclivities that wrong seems right and right seems wrong. This was precisely where the Children of Israel found themselves measuring God’s holiness by their own standards, to the point they were getting chastisement for their negative actions. God spoke to them though many of his prophets to turn from their sinfulness and they would not return; so, they were reminded in 2 Chronicles 7:14. to pray for their sins….

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