Role models are meant to inspire, instruct, and to set a good example. Whether you’re trying to teach your children core values or showing your students the proper way to conduct themselves in a learning environment, the most important thing you can do is to be honest, thoughtful, and consistent. Role models don’t have to be perfect, but they do have to show that everyone makes mistakes and that it’s important to be accountable for them. You can be an inspiring and instructive role model as long as you are about the people who look up to you.

Men in the ministry are synonymous to noble men in the community that shows people the way to live an honest life. One that recognizes that their lives should be a reflection of good morals and a theme for leadership; one who is willing to listen and instruct others into achieving difficult tendencies in their lives.

For the most part of the society many children have to parent themselves which leaves a vacuum for correctness and values. Our men are empowered by the power of God to stand on the word of God, speak sound doctrine and give the children some theme of guarantee that they can emulate and make their world become a better place other can feel comfortable to survive