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The presence of God is important in the New Testament Church. As a result of thus we make it our primary duty to enter the Temple of the Lord in devotion and prayer, where an atmosphere is created conveying the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday School

Our brethren are directed into a segment of studies and teachings that are based on the Holy Scriptures taken from the Bible. Sunday School classes are designed for children and adults of all ages; the objective of these Bible study lessons is to transference the whole council of God to his followers and to develop a sense of purpose, unity in the faith where one is trained in demonstrating the truth of God’s word with clarity.

Additionally, we strive to live a life of devotion to Christ so that others will see the good works and led to glorify the father in Heaven (Matthew 5:16) encouraging parents in fulfilling the command of the Lord to “go” tell the world that a savior is come which is Jesus Christ the Lord; alongside the participation given to Bible Classes, Sunday School should be given the same consideration because it a place where one can learn the simplicity of the Bible and gain a basic understanding of who God is with materials written as Sunday School Books that provides extra – biblical hypotheses conducive for understanding the word of God.